Chimney Repair

At Waukesha Roof Repair we offer expert residential and commercial chimney repair services.  Whether your chimney has a leak, needs new flashing, or needs complete replacement, we have the skills and expertise to solve any problem you face.  Contact Waukesha Roof Repair for a free inspection and consultation.


Waukesha Roof Repair offers a free consultation and inspection of your chimney to diagnose the problem and provide an estimate of what the repair will cost.  Our chimney repair service is second to none and we utilize quality materials to ensure that the repair is a permanent solution, not a temporary fix.
In most cases a complete chimney re-flashing will cost less than $1,200 and includes replacement/installation of:

  • Ice & Water Shield
  • New Step Tins
  • New Counter Flashing
  • New Saddle/Cricket
  • Vulkem Caulk

Waukesha Roof Repair uses 26 gauge, baked enamel steel for all counter flashing and for any saddle/cricket for extended life and corrosion resistance.

Some of Our Quality Work

The images below are a chimney repair for improper installation of step tins.  We installed Ice & Water shield, new shingles around the chimney, new step tins, and new back-flashing and counter flashing.
(“click” on images to enlarge)
Before Chimney RepairChimney Repair 2Before_BackflashBefore_Backflash2Ice & Water Shield1Ice & Water Shield2Ice & Water Shield_Backflash1Ice & Water Shield_Backflash2Proper Installation of Step TinsProper Installation of Step Tins2New Chimney Flashing

The images below are a chimney repair performed in October, 2012. The flashings and saddle were originally made with aluminum; which expands and contracts excessively.  As the pictures show, the seams in the aluminum failed after only five years, leaving them vulnerable to water and ice.
The damage resulted in rotten, water damaged drywall and insulation.

Before chimney flashing restorationBefore_leftBefore_rightBefore_Saddle1Before_Saddle2Before_Saddle3Before_Saddle5Before_Saddle5Before_Saddle6Before_Saddle7Step Tins BackwardsBackwards Step Tins_2

After Restoration:

After Restoration_FrontAfter Restoration_Front 2After Restoration_SaddleAfter Restoration_Saddle leftAfter Restoration_Saddle rightAfter Restoration_Side view