One of the specialty services we provide in Waukesha is snow and ice removal.

Despite the fact that when a building is constructed most roofs are designed to carry a snow load, in many cases the design does not factor-in heavy, wet snow or large accumulations of ice and snow. This is very typical for Waukesha and all of Southeatern WI.  A build up of snow on your roof can result in an overload on the roof structure. This could ultimately lead to roof failure and the collapse of your roof!  In these instances it becomes necessary to implement a snow removal plan to relieve the roof of the overload.

Snow and ice removal is a very dangerous task to perform in Waukesha or anywhere. It should only be done by professionals who have the proper safety equipment to safely remove snow and ice without damaging the roof shingles.

Ice Damming

An ice dam is a ridge of ice that forms at the edge of a roof and prevents melting snow (water) from draining off the roof. The water that backs up behind the dam works its way under the shingles and can leak into a home and cause damage to walls, ceilings, insulation and other areas.  The illustration below depicts a common ice dam.


Removing an ice dam more often than not will result in substantial damage to the shingles or roofing material and should be left to experienced professionals who know how to remove the ice with minimal facial or no damage.

Ice damming is often caused by improper ventilation in the roofing system.  There can be any number of factors which fall into play as to what needs to be done to remedy the problem. Ice damming in Waukesha is a very frequent problem that results in many call for repairs.

It is best to have a professional roofer diagnose the problem and offer solutions to eliminate any ice damming problems you may be experiencing.