Cobra Snow Country

Anatomy of Cobra Snow Country

Cobra ® Snow Country

Ridge-VentRecently there have been many questions asked about proper roof ventilation; specifically ridge ventilation. The role of roof ventilation and conflicting opinions as to which application best serves your roof is often debated among local roofing contractors.
Today we will visit the anatomy of Cobra Snow Country ridge ventilation and exactly how it enhances the life of the structure of your roof, as well as the shingles.

There are many features of Cobra Snow Country that make it one of the best roofing ventilation options.  It is visibly appealing because it is integrated into the ridge of your roof and does not stick out like conventional “hat” or “mushroom” style vents, it can be installed on roof pitches from 3:12 to 16:12, and it provides 18 sq. inches per linear foot of net free ventilating area, just to name a few.  However, one question that arises over and over is whether it will leak through the venting perforation?  The answer is no.


As shown in the illustration, the perforation of Cobra Snow Country is protected by a vertical lip or edge which eliminates the possibility of water infiltration.   Moreover, this lip or edge aids in the ventilation of your roof when air passes over it; drawing air and heat out of your attic.  Unlike other conventional vents, Snow Country is designed to use the increased air velocity created by the slope or pitch of your roof as wind travels upward, and converting that force into useful ventilation, even on days when wind velocity is minimal.

Despite varying opinions, Cobra Snow Country is a reliable and efficient roof ventilation application that any homeowner should consider when having your roof replaced or repaired.