Know About the Types of Roofing Warranties

There is an essential need for factually accurate information which can enable home owners to fully understand the roofing warranties offered by most roofing contractors. To accomplish this I will define and describe the most common types of roof warranties available and which warranty provides the most protection for a home owners new roof installation.

It is my ultimate goal that this information helps the consumer who needs a new roof on their home in the Waukesha and Milwaukee metro area to receive the best and most economical roofing installation and workmanship warranty available.


Types Of Warranties:

It is important to note that there are two categories of warranties that apply to roofing; the manufacturer’s warranty on the roofing product, and the roofing contractors workmanship warranty which covers the installation of the roofing product.  Although there may be many forms of workmanship warranties offered by roofing contractors,  the two common types are prorated and non-prorated.

Prorated Workmanship Warranty:

A Prorated warranty covers the contractors installation and is generally for a longer period of time. However, it dos not cover the full cost of either repair or replacement. Instead the pro-rated warranty just covers a portion of the repair costs and does not replace at all. It covers a smaller percentage as the product gets older.

Non-Prorated Workmanship Warranty:

A Non-prorated warranty covers the contractors installation, but this warranty option is generally for a smaller duration in most cases, it is still considered to be the most valuable form of warranty! Non-prorated warranty means that the manufacturer or seller will replace or repair the item at no cost to the buyer in case of some problem with the product or service. In most cases the warranty is for a period of 5 to ten years, but I have located one contractor who offers a 20 year warranty period. These warranties are almost always less than the manufacturer’s warranty coverage on the roofing product itself, but in the event that the product fails, most times the manufacturer covers costs associated with replacement of the defective product.

In my estimation the best workmanship warranty option available is the Non-Prorated warranty because it offers the best protection to the consumer in the long run.